By the tender mercies of Almighty God and the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I have fulfilled my God given life’s work in the Judicial System for 46 years; 22 as an attorney specializing in Criminal and Domestic Law; and 23 ¾ years as a Resident Superior Court Judge, the last two years as a Senior Resident Superior Court Judge.
The time for my retirement is now at hand and will occur on October 1, 2018. I will concentrate on spending time with my family and with my wife, Deborah, who has so graciously supported me throughout my legal and judicial career. We will be obedient to God to whatever direction he has set for us.
I am saddened and will certainly
miss the many people in the judicial system that I have worked with over the decades and who have been so kind to me in the performance of my duties.
I have so many fond memories of the clerks, bailiffs, attorneys, probation officers, fellow jurists, agencies, my staff and to the public whom we all serve to maintain the Rule of Law. The times we live in are tumultuous and pass all too quickly; Life is short and very fragile.
I pray that all our citizens will look to Christ for salvation, to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance, and to read and live by the Word of God awaiting His return. My prayer is that our Heavenly Father will continue to Bless our great State of North Carolina and our Judicial System.